Top rated Companies with Higher Interest Rates for Fixed Deposits :2017

Fixed deposits (FD) provides the fixed returns even in volatile markets , they are not affected by market force . Unlike mutual funds , these FDs gives a fixed return . Hence FD is considered as LOW RISK investment .

As the Bank Fixed deposit rates for Fixed Deposits are dropped after the De-Monetization . Now the investors are looking for other investment options which can bring  Fixed , safe & better  returns .  Apart from Post office FD – which offer higher interest than Bank FDs . Some top rated companies are providing better returns for Fixed Deposits

1.DHFL Fixed deposit Scheme
2.Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposits:

Rates w.e.f. 3rd. October’2016
Note: * Senior Citizen will get an additional rate of 0.25% p.a .
‡Employees / Employees’ relatives will get an additional rate of 0.35% p.a. (all Mahindra Group Company Employees). Government approved relationship proof documents to be furnished. Employee must be the second applicant. 0.35% additional interest rate is not applicable for Special Cumulative Schemes.
†Additional amount will be accepted in multiples of Rs. 1,000/-
#Interest Payment Half Yearly on 30th. September and 31st. March only through NECS/NEFT. Interest Payment Quarterly on 30th.June, 30th.September, 31st.December and 31st.March only through NECS/NEFT.
The minimum investment amount for Mahindra Group employees /relatives will be Rs.1000 & multiple Rs.500 thereafter .
**Compounded Annually

3.LIC Housing Fixed Deposits :

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