Telangana Professional Tax Rates: (2016-2017)

What is the Professional Tax Rate in Telangana?

Upto Rs.15,000/- Nil
Rs.15,001/- to Rs.20,000/- Rs.150/-
Rs.20,001/- and above Rs.200/-

Monthly Salary Professional Tax Levied (P.M)
Up to Rs 15,000/- Nil
Rs 15,001-Rs 20,000/- Rs 150
Rs 20,001/- or Above Rs 200

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6 thoughts on “Telangana Professional Tax Rates: (2016-2017)”

  1. when last time new professional tax rule was framed and applied in Telengana state.
    My salary is Rs20,000. From March to November my company used to cut Rs200. Then From December to April, they have cut Rs150. Is this correct , Please give me an answer as soon as possible. It is very important for me to know.

  2. Central Govt employees who are working in pay slip, mentioned that professional tax to AP.
    Clarify and please Audit this Issue.

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