Best Flexible RD (Recurring Deposit) Scheme 2017:

Best Flexible RD (Recurring Deposit) Scheme 2017:

Recurring Deposit – An ideal scheme of monthly savings for salaried people,businessmen,professionals etc.Small amounts saved every month for a long period come in handy to meet large financial commitments in the future.

Among the Flexi RD Scheme by many banks , the Flexible RD Scheme provided by Syndicate Bank seems more attractive .

product Name : Synd Rd Plus

Minimum Deposit :  500 – 100000 rs  per month  (Core amount)

Customer can deposit 10 times of core amount by every month . For Example if we deposit Rs.1000 in the 1st month , then we can deposit upto 10,000 from the upcoming months , and this payment can be made in any number of installments

Penality for late Payment : NO , there is no penality for late payment , customers can pay by any time within that month

Penality for pre-mature closure : You can close this RD acount at any time , you can get the interest accruded till that date , No Penality for pre-mature closeure apply .

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7 thoughts on “Best Flexible RD (Recurring Deposit) Scheme 2017:”

  1. My rd plus amount for 12 Months is Rs 1000 / Month. If i can deposite more amount, what ever i can to this account in syndicate.

    1. Yes , if your core amount is Rs.1000 , you can deposit 9000 more the same month . In simple words you can deposit 10 times of your core amount

    1. Yes you can deposit 10times of your core amount !
      Eg if you start RD Plus with Rs:1000 , you can deposit 9000 more to that RD account

      If you start RD plus on 20th Feb 2017 , u can pay 9000 till the month end .Next month installment starts from 20th march 2017.

  2. What if i invest Rs 10000 only in first month and then nothing till the maturity i.e. 1 yr what amount of interest i will get?

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