Best Alternative for Bank Fixed Deposit Scheme :

In 2014 , when I started my first investment in Bank Fixed Deposit , I was getting 9.5% annualized returns which was descent outcome , but now banks are paying 6 – 7% interest for Fixed deposits , these returns are meagre and doest suffice the inflation .
I personally feel that any investment which gives less than 10% annualized returns is not a worthy investment . After a lot of research investing in Equity Mutual funds are the best options to multiply your hard earned money
Mutual funds gives a range of returns from 19% to 35% or even more based on the volatility of the market, but this investment is a damn better investment than a bank FD.
Some of the Best Mutual Funds to Invest in July 2017:
1. Reliance Small Cap
2. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund
3. HDFC Balanced Fund
4. Mirae Asset Emerging bluechip fund
5. DSP Blackrock Tax Saver

Always invest in Direct plans without opting for regular ones . Mutual funds are subject to market risk , hence SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan ) is better than lumpsum investment , because SIP Can average the market volatility .

Many people invest in Tax saving Fixed deposit scheme & post office 5 years FD Scheme to claim Tax benefits under 80C of Incometax Act , They can opt for ELSS Mutual funds which will give better returns and Shorter locking period of 3 years .

Have a happy investing 

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